Wednesday, March 27, 2013

100% organic thread

Lotus Pads cloth pads for women are now created using only 100% organic thread

Soon to come to the shop, new colors and more sizes



Like these full coverage medium to heavy days pads with an added inner layer of denim



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FREE Cloth Pad Panty Liner Giveaway

Lessen your environmental footprint with these eco friendly, sustainably crafted, soft, absorbent pads & join the worldwide team of Saving the Planet One Piece of Trash at a Time. 

Check out the blog Continue this Labor for a free giveaway featuring two pads from Lotus Pads

in the article

A Period Piece: What Every Woman Can Do Right Now to Live a More Sustainable Life + Free Giveaway

The Talula Pad

The Rose Pad

It is important to me to create things which are useful and make a difference in our personal lives & the global environment.

LOTUS pads offer a gateway into a lifestyle of conscious consumption. When you use lotus pads you say goodbye to chemical laden disposable feminine hygiene products.

It is my hope to help empower women to lessen their environmental footprint and find new ways in which we can eliminate old patterns that may feel shameful or un-sacred.

Traditionally, women were honored through tribal ceremony at the onset of their menses. There were community spaces which provided rest and nourishment for this sacred time.

As we become closer to our own body, so, too, do we learn more of the Earth.

I am calling focus to an Earth tribe which remembers these old rights and finds new ways to incorporate sacred feminine aspects and support one another through all phases of life.

May it be so~

Friday, March 8, 2013

Homemade Chai & Faith

Continually finding new ways to save money and live in luxury has become a way of life in our Northern California community. Everyone I know is finding more and more creative ways to make what we have last longer & go farther. At times this can seem meager and endlessly challenging, but when I open my perception and truly take a look around, what I see is very encouraging.

I see people outside and on the Woodsy trails more and more (despite snow, rain, or hail). I see families spending more time together as long work hours cease and jobs become scarce. I see everyday as an opportunity to be grateful for the gifts of neighbors and friends. I see people passing on what they no longer need and giving it to those who do. I see more compassion from government officials. I see less food waste (I've salvaged wilted greens and brown bananas and made the most wonderful smoothies).