Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Love Apples & Over-the-Shoulder Courage

I have been told that the forbidden fruit Eve ate from the tree of knowledge was in fact a pomegranite.

But this particular fruit came much much later. I bought it at the local market after watching an inspiring video on You Tube which seemed especially concerned about stains whilst properly devouring this "love apple".

Now, if you understand ANYthing about me, you might be aware how completely unconcerned I am about such things. In fact, I once made an entire gallery showing of Van Dyke photography called "Fae STAINS" This is the glier for the 2006 showing.

And when it comes to something so artfully passion rendering as the historically forbidden fruit...well, I have to say I find myself lacking completely in the inhibition department.

Enticed by the erotic, I found myself indulging in a new line of over-the-shoulder, sexy ear pieces, which are noe available at TLALA

Not only that, I'm inspired as never before to bear my soul to you through my private love sonnets. Lucky you.

So, please, be shocked, but not surprised, as you begin to see more naked-honest-truth art and writing from me.

Tempest of my Heart
By Talulah Fey

I feel like I'm insideout. Its like a moodswing I cannot conquer. An untouchable mountain I wont give it up on reaching. I'm a fool ♡ its so kinky. Its fun. Its terrorizing. I'm sweating in my skin. My invitation is here. Here it sits. My heart it sits. Wide open and crazy messy like pomegranits overflowing from the skin. I'm a maddening rush of enthusiasm awaiting a moment of devoured haste. We could fly fly fly so high. We could make love to the earth shadowed sky. I would milk kisses from mouth corners to shoulder tips. I would palpate my heart to the beating of your breath. My thighs will move as thunder against your... I am not shy. I hold temperance to the storm I feel when you are near. You are tempest to the ship at sail on the seas of my heart. I have so little control yet I do not mind. For loving you is a sweet soul release from reality and temporal time ♥

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tools for the Fabulous


It has been some time since I last wrote a post.  This is in large part due to my recent twirls and swirls through technology. In my most recent post I mention my new Druid phone. While this Galaxy siii is an exceptionally savvy tool for much of my promotional needs, the low-down nitty-gritty of running my online shops requires a capable desktop setting. 

Shown here are the Acer 24" Monitor and Dell Inspiron.

After a long period of no home internet, then working only from my phone, I finally decided to invest is a computer that has less embellishments, and more UMPH. This, for me, is the Dell Inspiron. With a next generation i3 3.4 GHz processor, and 4 GB of memory to support its speed, I am going to be happy with this Diva Computer for a long time.

 I am already back to my old tricks, creating savvy treasury collections for other Etsy Artisans.

As well as getting featured in some fabulous collections in return. 

http://www.etsy.com/listing/165313533/tiny-crystal-stone-earrings-double?ref=shop_home_activeAnd, for the curious, there are many new items available at my shops. Please take a moment to check out the highly improved photographic qualities to my items. 
This goes to show, having the necessary equipment to serve a particular purpose does make a difference. As my friend once told me, "The right tool, for the right job!"  

What sort of tools are necessary in your day to day life?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Intergallactic Harvest

Well, hello there! It is sooo very delicious to be back on the keyboard, typing away. My End-of-Summer experience was something amiss, as the home internet was terminated in August. After festivally greeting my 30th birthday offline, I decided it was time to get the gears turning again. I invested in a Samsung Galaxy siii smartphone. This little gadget is more powerful than my netbook. It was like having a new camera, my first kindle, a revisit to my adolescent curiosity over my cousin's gameboy, as well as...well, a phone.

My first week with this baby, erhm, I mean smartphone, was quite the experience. Sales were way up (from zero to 8) for an ENTIRE week. I was able to take long strolls through the forest (having zip, nada, zilch reception at home) and snap photos and list them all at the same time with one little, tiny 6" device.

While this little "Galaxy" (I would even jump to call it a Universe) distracted me from EVERYthing else for 7 solid days as I attempted to decode how to, um, find the dial pad I got a reality check and realized that if I was EVER going to pay this phone charge off on my credit card, I needed to get my desktop, office, professional life, GOING again.  So I fretted and begged, cried and delineated with every internet company available (all TWO of them) until I found a 6 month promotional offer that seemed feasible.

NOW I can say I am the proud holder of an entire wireless home network called The (drum roll) Hawthorne Palace. A little tribute to all the "F*@king thorny" trees my father (who is my neighbor) cut down and We (the Faeries and I), will forever miss.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twin Flame Sacred Jewelry

The coming together of twin flames is a phenomena which is taking place within the New Earth Paradigm. In the past, we have always been drawn to our Soul Mate, whose purpose is to help in achieving a karmic path of destiny.


Twin flame medicine is in service to our global existence and happens as we choose to take our life in a dharmic direction, by consciously navigating our fate towards the greater good of everyone.

The twin flame reunification may not feel as easily aligned as that of a soul mate. The purpose of unifying with a twin flame is to bring about personal shifts in judgments and perceptions, ultimately altering the duality of reality in to a more unified and peaceful coexistence.

A twin flame carries the exact soul frequency as you. However, they have lived lifetimes separate from you in free will and navigating through their personal karmic path. This creates a person who, while at the core is identical to you in essence, is very different in manifest. Dharmically walking the path of twin flame reunion requires much understanding, patience and compassion. It is letting go of the personal HUMAN self and making room for understanding of the larger SOUL having this human experience. To overcome the challenges which arise through the polarities between the two of you can feel explosive with friction and ignition of feeling and emotions. 

The purpose of these crystals is to transfer the wisdom my twin flame and I have created through our personal journey of unifying polarities and learning to meet each other in compassion and higher awareness. It definitely restructures our personal world when we decide to embrace this path



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Strawberry Rubies Contest

Here is your chance to win a FREE set of Real Strawberry Jewels from TLALA

stunning REAL Strawberry gems are created with love and care.

The Strawberries are carefully cut into cross sections, then dehydrated. To preserve the color, they are then hand painted with a coating of a non toxic laminate a set to dry. Then carefully assembled using silver plated findings.

All materials are eco savvy and naturally inspired. This pendant hangs upon a nice brown hemp cord.

 Each set of earrings are carefully chosen to fit together in an asymmetric, yet complimentary pair.

Remember to always pay attention to what you carry next to your heart.  

 Win this wonderful set by following these steps:  
When TLALA reaches 400 Likes on Facebook, a winner will be randomly chosen on random.org

1. LIKE TLALA on Facebook & leave a comment here saying you did so

2. Visit TLALA & select your favorite item from the shop, then copy and paste this link to a   comment on this blog and state what you love about it

Here are some ways to make additional entries into this contest!
You can use the little orange SHARE button below to do all of this easily! 

1. Share this contest in your newsfeed on Facebook then comment here saying you have done so

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 Thanks for playing & also for helping to get the word out about TLALA fashionably VEGAN and gyspy stylin' jewlery on Etsy!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

FREE shipping coupon for gypsy jewlery

Christmas in July at TLALA.etsy.com where there is a wide variety of unique OOAK jewelry. 

Such as these wooden feathers

And alchemy infused ceramic earrings

As well as long fringe fiber earrings

Use coupon code JULY2013 for free shipping on entire store inventory

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekend ready Handmade Finds

Tis' the season to check out Etsy for the latest in quality fashion and handmade goodies. Here are some sweet and savvy choice picks!!

Ready for the weekend 

by violeta from HelloVioleta 





by Natasha Thysen from ArtVintagePlus


Friday, July 5, 2013

Hot Summer Trends from Etsy

Hot Summer. Fashion selections for the stylish and trend savvy.

It is cooling off outside, but every Summer trendsetter can do with a little WARM COLOR.

Check out this stunning collection, featuring the handmade styles of artisans abroad on Etsy.

WARM COLORS by Bartek from BartekDesign

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independance Day SALE July 4th celebration

"Words are like the wind and the waves...flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free; stay centered." ~ Chuang Tzu

When I reflect upon the meaning of America's independence, I feel a distant recollection of high school history lessons. I see the text book illustration of a painting representing the Boston Tea party, and some text on an adjacent page explaining the Boston Massacre.

Upon further thought, I am taken into the whimsical land of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. In the sixth book, the American revolution is at the threshold of beginning. Tea is somewhat scarce in the colonies, and violence between citizens, government officials and indigenous peoples is widespread.

Then I take some time to reflect upon my own personal freedoms. Which is why I write a blog. For, what better celebration (well...fireworks, surely) than that of practicing my own ancestrally earned passion for FREEDOM of SPEECH. And also a graphically representative collection of items available for sale on Etsy.

And in celebration of my own independent artistic ambitions, I also offer a 15% discount today, on all items from TLALA.etsy.com

At checkout, enter COUPON code: BOHOMAGIC1


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Etsy's Best

Etsy is a number one hot spot to find some of the highest quality and most unique trends. Here are some unique and charming collections to get your personal Summer collection started. 

Summer Serenity 

by Clare Corcoran from VentureCompanyMining 



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Twin Soul Flame Metaphysical Crystal Necklaces

These majestic crystals have been charged in the presence of twin flame soul union. Each necklace is made from a special piece of our personal collection of mineral specimens, which exist in the presence of our golden Twin flame frequency filled home.

Crystals are somewhat a mystery. Divining the extraordinary qualities of the mineral realm is a passion my soul partner and I share.

 From the moment we met, the crystals were aiding us in our reunion. It was my first day working at the local crystal and rock shop, when I met my partner. He purchased the 2nd chakra tangerine quartz that I had only a moment before set down, the crystals had made their match.

 Over time, the soft deer skin suede of these necklaces elongates into a thin twisted cord, which holds the crystal near your heart.
Every specimen is unique. Often times, a crystal being will appear as a small rainbow within the stone. I have no doubts that these precious gems are alive, and waiting to offer their knowledge to whomever is ready to listen.
If you feel you are ready to find your unique soul frequency & work in divine spirit to overcome your ego and reunify your polarities, then it is time you invest in the tools necessary to walk this chosen dharmic path.We offer these crystals as a means to transfer the reunification work we have already undergone.


May blessings be with you this day and always.