Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Love Apples & Over-the-Shoulder Courage

I have been told that the forbidden fruit Eve ate from the tree of knowledge was in fact a pomegranite.

But this particular fruit came much much later. I bought it at the local market after watching an inspiring video on You Tube which seemed especially concerned about stains whilst properly devouring this "love apple".

Now, if you understand ANYthing about me, you might be aware how completely unconcerned I am about such things. In fact, I once made an entire gallery showing of Van Dyke photography called "Fae STAINS" This is the glier for the 2006 showing.

And when it comes to something so artfully passion rendering as the historically forbidden fruit...well, I have to say I find myself lacking completely in the inhibition department.

Enticed by the erotic, I found myself indulging in a new line of over-the-shoulder, sexy ear pieces, which are noe available at TLALA

Not only that, I'm inspired as never before to bear my soul to you through my private love sonnets. Lucky you.

So, please, be shocked, but not surprised, as you begin to see more naked-honest-truth art and writing from me.

Tempest of my Heart
By Talulah Fey

I feel like I'm insideout. Its like a moodswing I cannot conquer. An untouchable mountain I wont give it up on reaching. I'm a fool ♡ its so kinky. Its fun. Its terrorizing. I'm sweating in my skin. My invitation is here. Here it sits. My heart it sits. Wide open and crazy messy like pomegranits overflowing from the skin. I'm a maddening rush of enthusiasm awaiting a moment of devoured haste. We could fly fly fly so high. We could make love to the earth shadowed sky. I would milk kisses from mouth corners to shoulder tips. I would palpate my heart to the beating of your breath. My thighs will move as thunder against your... I am not shy. I hold temperance to the storm I feel when you are near. You are tempest to the ship at sail on the seas of my heart. I have so little control yet I do not mind. For loving you is a sweet soul release from reality and temporal time ♥

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