Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Day in a New Year

Well, it is a New Day in a New Year. So much is changing for myself, for my shops, for friends, family and I imagine the whole world. It gets me wondering what new, improved facets are evolving socially throughout cultures and societies? I discovered through my education as an Art Student at University, that traditionally, cultures are interpretated through their art. So, whilst pondering the bigger questions about Who am I NOW? Where are WE going? HOW is the planet EVOLVING? I decided to take a look at some of the smaller pictures. I decided to see what is happening in the creative, enterprising and artistic world I adore at Etsy. Here are some of my NEW YEAR, NEW DAY picks.

THE FIVE SENSES by Deborah Mosca from LyricalVintage
  TREND 1/2 by KimandMark from three1seven
 {LOVE YOU MORE} by Dottie from ShagbarkRoad
 RADIANT ORCHID FASHION by Pat McWhorter from PatMcWhorter

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