Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twin Flame Sacred Jewelry

The coming together of twin flames is a phenomena which is taking place within the New Earth Paradigm. In the past, we have always been drawn to our Soul Mate, whose purpose is to help in achieving a karmic path of destiny.


Twin flame medicine is in service to our global existence and happens as we choose to take our life in a dharmic direction, by consciously navigating our fate towards the greater good of everyone.

The twin flame reunification may not feel as easily aligned as that of a soul mate. The purpose of unifying with a twin flame is to bring about personal shifts in judgments and perceptions, ultimately altering the duality of reality in to a more unified and peaceful coexistence.

A twin flame carries the exact soul frequency as you. However, they have lived lifetimes separate from you in free will and navigating through their personal karmic path. This creates a person who, while at the core is identical to you in essence, is very different in manifest. Dharmically walking the path of twin flame reunion requires much understanding, patience and compassion. It is letting go of the personal HUMAN self and making room for understanding of the larger SOUL having this human experience. To overcome the challenges which arise through the polarities between the two of you can feel explosive with friction and ignition of feeling and emotions. 

The purpose of these crystals is to transfer the wisdom my twin flame and I have created through our personal journey of unifying polarities and learning to meet each other in compassion and higher awareness. It definitely restructures our personal world when we decide to embrace this path



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