Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Twin Soul Flame Metaphysical Crystal Necklaces

These majestic crystals have been charged in the presence of twin flame soul union. Each necklace is made from a special piece of our personal collection of mineral specimens, which exist in the presence of our golden Twin flame frequency filled home.

Crystals are somewhat a mystery. Divining the extraordinary qualities of the mineral realm is a passion my soul partner and I share.

 From the moment we met, the crystals were aiding us in our reunion. It was my first day working at the local crystal and rock shop, when I met my partner. He purchased the 2nd chakra tangerine quartz that I had only a moment before set down, the crystals had made their match.

 Over time, the soft deer skin suede of these necklaces elongates into a thin twisted cord, which holds the crystal near your heart.
Every specimen is unique. Often times, a crystal being will appear as a small rainbow within the stone. I have no doubts that these precious gems are alive, and waiting to offer their knowledge to whomever is ready to listen.
If you feel you are ready to find your unique soul frequency & work in divine spirit to overcome your ego and reunify your polarities, then it is time you invest in the tools necessary to walk this chosen dharmic path.We offer these crystals as a means to transfer the reunification work we have already undergone.


May blessings be with you this day and always. 


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