Friday, May 10, 2013

A love story

HOW TO catch a Winged Beast; A love story

How to catch a winged beast is directly related to the first and most important factor of DISGUISE. 

Collect samples and specimens. Then, initiate casual introduction Participating in COOPERATIVE activity with your prey, such as helping to build a nest, will earn the lifelong loyalty and trust necessary for successful entrapment. 

The lust of this passion MUST be wholeheartedly mutual and sincere. Hold NO RESERVATIONS. Observe any arising challenges and hardships. 

FIND ways to open yourself to offer feasible solutions. Participate in the structure of this nest with the patience and ease of reassuring stability and kindness. Offer companionship and nourishment. 

LEARN to fly. 

Save the feathers, the relics of the time spent in this symbiotic embrace. Notice the feeling of lighthearted appeal and surrender in yourself. 

When all is prepared, abandon yourself to the finality of true surrender. For, in the heart of all beastly hearts, lay the wisdom of the priceless enjoyment of ethereal friendship. 

In the tender contemplation of en-capturing another, you have in turn, been captured by your own heart.

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  1. very lovely! found you in the Boho team on Etsy. Love your work.


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