Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Raw Cacao Superfood Balls


Are you a 'foodie?' 

I am referring to those commonly misinterpreted people recognized as 'health nuts,' whom love to play in the kitchen (indoors or outdoors) with whole, nutritious and amazingly delicious living yum yum snacks and call it a meal. 

This isn't some new dieting craze, or even something I am recommending to loose weight or alter yourself in any way.

This is simply me sharing with you a tasty, super yummy idea concerning the ancient heart-opening medicine of cacao. 

Cacao beans grow on cacao trees and are native to tropical regions of the Americas. Such as Costa Rica, Peru & Venezuela. The cacao beans are large pods that can be transformed into the ever popular chocolate. However, using the more pure and raw form of this super-food can bring amazing results & bonus soul nourishment. 

Raw cacao powder is made by grinding the seeds & removing the butter from the dark, bitter cocoa solids.

To make a delicious snack without the added refined sugar and soy lecithin found in most chocolate bars, simply gather these ingredients.

♥ Raw, cold pressed coconut oil
♥ Sea salt
♥ Maple syrup or mushed dates
♥ Raw cacao powder
♥ Shredded coconut
♥ Raw, hulled hemp seeds for added protein

The easiest way to get the coconut oil to a good stirring consistency is to run the jar under hot water. 


I honestly have a really hard time using measurements.

It just feels right when I get the right consistency.  

So, stir all your ingredients.

Then look for a sticky texture that you can roll into little bite- sized balls.

 And enjoy!


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