Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Treasures of the Trendsetters

This decision was incredibly difficult, especially because I know BB also won another challenge this week (boy, she is on a roll!) But her entry stood out to me throughout the entire challenge, and no matter how I went back over all the amazing entries, BB's treasury spoke to me in an extra special calling.

Free Spirits by BB TAR  

BB's Free Spirits speaks to my soul like the blood pumping through my veins. There is something majestic in these items and their placement. She seems to have selected a story from my subconscious and I can not ignore the pull it has to my very essence. To create such a collection with such an overpowering impact on my spirit when I browse it quickly and then take the time to deeply contemplate its entirety is a phenomenon I can not yet explain. 

This choice was not an easy one to make. While BB's treasury definitely called out me immediately with a passion familiar to love at first sight, there were so many beautiful, splendid and heartfelt entries that I have been literally staring at them all, more than 20 tabs open on my screen, moving back and forth through each and everyone with feelings of faith and heartfelt gratitude.

Some HM's (though every collection was honorable and majestic and totally A M A Z I N G) are:

Amanda's The Life of Cora

Amy's No Logical End

Lisa's Take Flight

Jaine's Spirit of a Princess

Thank you SO much Trendsetters, for taking the time to contemplate the list of words, the listings in my shop, and the overall designer sensibility we all share. Being selected as the winner of the Scavenger Hunt game is truly an honor, a blessing and a challenge in itself. You are all Fabulous!!!

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