Saturday, April 13, 2013

Twin Flame Sacred Reunion

In my shop, Tlala Handcrafted Blessings, I offer a number of very special clear quartz points which have been charged in the presence of twin flame reunion. I would like to explain a little more about what this means.

As stones have always been a gateway my mate and I are very familiar with, and which we naturally have come to read & channel, we began to realize that some of the quartz points in our home were ready to reach out to others and pass on the frequency of our reunification work to others to help guide them through a process, that while remarkably magical, can also pose challenging and confusing as it takes place.

Terminated Quartz points are ideal for amplifying energy, carrying information and programming with personal intention. These quartz crystal points are introduced to the twin flame reunification frequency through their association with my partner and myself (and the entire network of similar collective consciousness we access together on a multidimensional scale).

We add our intention to the final necklace to bring about similar shifts in the vibration of the person it meets, to open a gateway of recognition for their true twin flame to enter. We extend this intention to allow a smoother transition than ours has been, with the added wisdom we have received and wish to pass on.

An initial water blessing of your twin flame necklace will help stabilize the stone pendant and your personal intention with the stone itself. I recommend wearing these necklaces when you jump into creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes and run through a rain storm.

Though it takes some courage, I have decided it is important to share some of my personal story.

I met my twin flame three years ago, on my first day working in a magical little crystal shop in Nevada City, Ca. He later told me, that when he walked in, he knew who I was right away. Though, at the time, I could have seen it as a sign that he purchased the very tangerine quartz crystal (a 2nd chakra stone with twin terminations) I had been immediately attracted to earlier that morning, it took me much more time to finally allow the truth to settle in my heart.

Since reuniting our frequencies in April of 2010, there have been huge shifts and metaphysical happenings that brought us together, even when we both resisted and sought to move apart (the energy between is exceptionally overwhelming, and when mixed with ego-ic influence, has sometimes become unfavorable).

Now that we have come to a common balance in our life together, we find it to be an exceptional importance in the people around us. As our twin flame vibration reaches others, so, too, does their own frequency shift and begin to awaken something that makes the changes necessary to allow the twin flame frequency to reunify in their lives too.

There is much more information about this available through many sources, but I have none to recommend to you but yourself. I always found the best source of knowledge concerning this vibration and shift in my life has been the inner knowing within my own heart and guidance from my 'higher' or 'ascended' or 'Christ' consciousness

It is a sign that you are reading this. It means your higher self is guiding you towards your own twin flame reunification. If you want to invite this energy more cohesively into your life, then there will be a lot of support along your way. Friends and blue jays are among some of my own. Perhaps these twin flame leather necklaces will be one of yours.

When we open to the magic, it has space to flow.

If you are called to a specific crystal in my shop, or elsewhere, I recommend you spend some time asking why. Life is full of surprises.

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