Monday, April 8, 2013

Etsy Front Page

These stunning Alchemy Leaf Earrings by Tlala Handcrafted Blessings were featured on the front page of Etsy this afternoon, April 8th, 2013!!!


 Tlala Handcrafted Blessing's hand pressed porcelain gems are home fired with butterfly wings, blue jay feathers and laughter!

My unique ceramic beads are inspired by the Fae of Northern California's wilderness


 Who are known to leave their faint impressions of small fingers, forest leaves & lace upon the porcelain skin.

Every piece has dedicated itself to countless hours of creative love, drying care, and hand painted stains.

The duo is finished with hand-cut brass and copper leaf detailing.


Then it is fired with Magik & and celebrated with song.


These bead-chimes are durable, yet delicate.



Please visit Tlala Handcrafted Blessings to purchase your very own OOAK ceramic impression alchemy jewelry piece

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