Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Intergallactic Harvest

Well, hello there! It is sooo very delicious to be back on the keyboard, typing away. My End-of-Summer experience was something amiss, as the home internet was terminated in August. After festivally greeting my 30th birthday offline, I decided it was time to get the gears turning again. I invested in a Samsung Galaxy siii smartphone. This little gadget is more powerful than my netbook. It was like having a new camera, my first kindle, a revisit to my adolescent curiosity over my cousin's gameboy, as well as...well, a phone.

My first week with this baby, erhm, I mean smartphone, was quite the experience. Sales were way up (from zero to 8) for an ENTIRE week. I was able to take long strolls through the forest (having zip, nada, zilch reception at home) and snap photos and list them all at the same time with one little, tiny 6" device.

While this little "Galaxy" (I would even jump to call it a Universe) distracted me from EVERYthing else for 7 solid days as I attempted to decode how to, um, find the dial pad I got a reality check and realized that if I was EVER going to pay this phone charge off on my credit card, I needed to get my desktop, office, professional life, GOING again.  So I fretted and begged, cried and delineated with every internet company available (all TWO of them) until I found a 6 month promotional offer that seemed feasible.

NOW I can say I am the proud holder of an entire wireless home network called The (drum roll) Hawthorne Palace. A little tribute to all the "F*@king thorny" trees my father (who is my neighbor) cut down and We (the Faeries and I), will forever miss.


Now that I am back in action in the WWW and Etsy among other fascinating cyberspace venues like twitter, Facebook and The Unmentionables, I decided that this Etsy treasury collection is too super savvy for me to let slide by. I HAVE to share it with you. This Treasury, called Harvest, by 
Mira Loyborg from FireDancePottery is so breathtaking that it inspired this ENTIRE post. Who could have EVER guessed where I was going with all this, right???

Oh yeah, I have some great new cosmic listing is the shop, too! Check out these Black Beauty Garnet studs. Solid sterling silver and every bit as majestic as the cosmos.

As well as these amazing intergalactic Moldavite Earrings. These are also mounted on solid sterling silver posts.

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