Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shambala Mushrooms and Sacred Scents

Well, it has been a while since my last entry in blog land. The fall brought much prosperity to follow the fantastic fig harvest. As the fruit trees lost their leaves new friends poked their head through the debris....MUSHROOMS! I've been hunting these extra planetary creatures by riverside, through Manzanita rabbit trails and over snow-caped peaks. We make mushroom soup, mushroom pies, mushroom eggs... mushrooms are coming out my ears and my eyes!

 And while season changes bring all sorts of new transitions and changes, so too does my shop inventory shift.

 I'm still creating energetically savvy stone jewelry, and tiddling around with gold-paper and other faery commodities, but there is something noteworthy in particular I'd like to share here.

Regarding the developement of my first perfume line. I've been creating quality fragrances for myself for many years, and even gifted (which much excitement) some unique blends to friends. But now, for the first time, I've put these splendid wonders into tiny propylene mushroom pots.

Some ingredients I even prepare myself. Like my homemade vannilla extract. I soak the fresh, organic, vanilla bean pods in 80-100 proof vodka in a brown jar for a full moon cycle.

Then, as I prepare to combine ingredients like rose and jojoba oils into cacao butter and beeswax I use the purest source of heat, a woodfire!

Once all my precious scents are combined and carefully poured into their Mushroomy containers, I infuse the blend with extra Shambala wisdom handed down through our stone friends and crystal beings.
This process creates and absolutely original blend combining warm winter fragrance with pure and tender energy. This is the namesake of my 2012 Winter Sacred Scents line.

Find this solid perfume at my shop, and ENJOY!!!

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