Thursday, January 24, 2013

Talala Vegan Jewelry

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 As usual, I have a few new ideas up my sleeves. This latest manifestation is a wonderful addition to my collection of Vegan jewelry. It is a line of feather earrings, made of fiber paper.

However, birthing ideas into reality is not always an easy Go.
Collecting materials and tools is a considerable task. And while I had carefully brainstormed my line of action, I did not fully anticipate the 3 day argument I would undergo PRINTER.


 And while my Epson Artisan and I have not worked things out, we are taking healthy space. I borrowed a friends copier to produce the first line of these feathery and unique listings.

 My hopes are high that the proceeds of this project will bring the prosperity which will enable me to contribute new printer ink to the future of my VEGAN paper feather earrings.

Each feather is a double layered, hand cut specimen.

  Which is bound with copper foil.

 The finishing findings are silver coated, nicol and lead free for sensitive ears like my own.

Like all my products, these special paper jewelries are produced here, there, everywhere. This is my wandering studio. It moves from room to room, house to house, to camper, the woodlands and beyond.

I make my own labels and many of my tools too.

 I hope that one day soon, my printer and I can reunite on the best of terms and bring a whole new flurry of hand drawn, hand cut and always VEGAN eco friendly options from my mind to your face.

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