Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cloth Panty liners by Womanly Roots



  Womanly Roots est. 2013

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  WOMANLY ROOTS pads are a quality crafted & eco friendly alternative

I love working with soft, natural fibers. I hope to soon offer an entire line of naturally dyed, fleece pads.

It is important to me to create things which are useful and make a difference in our personal lives & the global environment.

WOMANLY ROOTS pads offer a gateway into a lifestyle of conscious consumption. When you use lotus pads you say goodbye to chemical laden disposable feminine hygiene products.

It is my hope to help empower women to lessen their environmental footprint and find new ways in which we can eliminate old patterns that may feel shameful or un-sacred.

Traditionally, women were honored through tribal ceremony at the onset of their menses. There were community spaces which provided rest and nourishment for this sacred time.

As we become closer to our own body, so, too, do we learn more of the Earth.

I am calling focus to an Earth tribe which remembers these old rights and finds new ways to incorporate sacred feminine aspects and support one another through all phases of life.


~ May it be so~

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  1. This type of panties are relay very good for a girl.


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