Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trendesetting Treasury Team Scavenger Hunt Challenge Win

For those of you familiar with Etsy, you might be aware of the huge undertaking promoting a shop can be. If you are not familiar with this behind the scenes reality of being an Etsy shop owner, then this blog post might be a fun introduction!

Etsy is composed of Artisans, their shops and listings, personal shopper and shop owner profiles as well as 'newsfeeds' of your 'favorites,' the employed Etsy board of blogging, recipes, ect..., the Front Page, as well as a huge social networking database of forums called teams.

I am currently a member of 37 teams between my two stores ( Tlala Handcrafted Blessings & Lotus Pads ) . Both shoppers and sellers are active members of most teams. Some teams are for promotional purpose, others for informational and many teams are for building treasuries. Treasuries are curated collections of other Etsy artisan's listings.

The purpose behind every Etsy team is the same. It is to help each other build an audience & create sales. Everyday, I, like many Etsy devotees, are updating tags, building treasuries, and clicking away 'favorites' for each other in the hopes that the search engine will recognize our product at the top of the list and that we might make it to the Etsy Front Page and be 'discovered.'

In some ways, I have begun to think of the internet search database as a GOD force, and my tags, treasuries and other promotions as prayers for recognition.

The reason I felt a calling to tell you all of this is because there is a team in particular, The Trendsetting Treasury Team, which takes curating treasuries to a whole new level.  The trendsetters don't just make treasuries, we make treasuries to tell stories.

AND, this week I am the honored winner of the Trendsetting Team Scavenger Challenge # 30.  Here is my winning entry, with a feature listing by BBTAR.

Having won the challenge last week,  I am the featured shop this week for challenge #31.
This means items from my shop, Tlala Handcrafted Blessings are featured in all treasured entries this week. It also means I to judge the winner for next week.
Here are a few of my favorites so far:

Can you find my shop listing in each of these fantastic treasuries??? If so, leave a comment about your favorite collection shown here. This will enter you to win a free gift from my shop!

I would like to offer a HUGE thanks to everyone involved in this weeks challenge. I am so impressed by all the collections!


  1. Beautiful blog, Tamaura!!! Love the treasuries you have posted here!

  2. this is fabulous tamaura!! what a lovely feature!


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