Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trendsetting Treasury Team Scavenger Hunt #31 Winner

This Weeks choice Win

"Lady of the Woods" by Johanna S. of UnfadingLouise

I believe Jaine, a Trendsetting teammate (and captain), had it right when she said she wanted "to be IN" this collection! Only, I can take it one step further and say I FEEL as though I live in this collection.

Thank you, Johanna, for creating a treasury that represents my lifelong past-time of wandering through sunlit forests, finding treasures in all sorts of odd inspiring places. Perhaps, you and I have a lot in common. Or, maybe it is just a California girl thing. Whichever, thank you for representing my golden leaf earrings, the trendsetting team, and the inspiration words I so loving composed, in this beautiful, positive, unique & fabulous story-worthy collection!

A note to these Honorable Mentions
Thank you team (!!!!!) for creating a long list of treasuries that made my choice this week difficult (luxuriously divine)! Here are a few of the ALMOSTs and not nearly all of the GREATS. Every collection was astonishing!!!!

"Blue Sunlight" by Jaine

"Putting Down New Roots" by NovaeuTique

"Awakened with a Kiss" by Nicole Addison of Birchlight

"If you love Somebody, Set them Free" by itikamia

"Wander Aimlessly Without a Plan" by BBTAR

"Emerging from her Chrysalis" by VivaEstelle

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  1. very beautiful & evocative treasury. thanks for including my cowl. cheers!.:)


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