Monday, August 27, 2012

Rags to Riches

From Rags to Riches can be more than a fairy tale, it becomes reality when you live the life of a creative person. Since I spend most my time making things to promote financial flow, I also spend time (for lack of money) creating stuff which makes me superiorly trendy, ultra savvy and often times, ahead of the fashion train. 

In fact, I learned to sew at the awkward age when all my pants were too short and the hips too loose. My Mother showed me the basics on her Jurassic Sears machine, which I continued to use to modify clothing and other projects for the following 17 years. This post is about something I took the time to create for myself, on my brand spanking new Janome Magnolia (I call her Tabitha). This dress is for just me. And nobody else. Ah, that feels gooooood!

To acquire supreme trendsetter status, it has been my experience that one must either have lots of spending money to support artisans such as myself, or lots of creative potential to dream up the latest and greatest fad. Now that I have a savvy sewing machine to enhance my ideas, there is no stopping the flow! 


 Making a pattern is simple. Just sketch and cut. For this project I used a dress I have often copied which was made by a dear friend and fellow artisan Trinity Cross of Field Day Wearables based in Oakland, CA.

Pinning the pattern in place to the fabric usually results in a better cut. Trust me, I tend to 'cut' corners when I make things for myself, so I often have do-overs if I leave these little helpful steps out!

Also pinning the cut fabric before stitching will help insure a more consistent stich. Less pins is better than more, because you'll have to be able to sew around them or take them out as you stitch so you don't break a needle.
Since I buy natural fabrics like silk and cotton I use natural cotton thread to sew it all together. 

For this dress I am using a cotton blend sweatshirt fabric I found down the street from my home at a yard sale last week. Due to budgeting concerns I usually don't get to choose the color and pattern my fabrics come in, but I do get to walk the neighborhood, with my dog, in search of yard sales, chat with people and investigate discarded fabrics, sheets, clothing and drapes for up-cycling into something inspirational.

 A little addition to this project is something I have been tinkering with for years: I call it 'Kitten Tangles.' It reminds me of scribbling, with sewing thread and ribbon.

As I write this blog, my toes are a little cold as the End Of Summer chill sets in. But I am oh, so cozy! in my new dress. Now I just have to figure out how to make some matching slippers....teehee!


  1. You are SO adorable. And I love your new dress (and Tabitha!)

    1. As we are merely reflections of one another I hope you see just how adorable you are to me!

  2. The dress is splendid! I am longing for a new machine, but for the time being I'll just use what I've got.

    1. Thank you! I hope your sewing machine helps you with many fantastic projects until you find your own dream machine.


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