Friday, August 24, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box

It's what is inside the box that counts, well, sort of...

Perhaps, like myself, you have browsed hundreds of Etsy listings inclusive of beautiful craftsmanship pieces by wonderful artisans all over the world. And, like myself, have you wondered about the presentation these treasures might carry to you through shipping and retrieval? Do the items live up to their enticing photograph and lyrical descriptions? As a fellow artisan, I also find myself contemplating, "Do my items represent?" And so, for many years now, I have been philosophizing, brainstorming, note-taking and meandering through many ideas. This time, I think I created a faery-sized, Handcrafted Magic shipping method for keeps!

Handcrafted Blessings now ships items packed in homegrown bean pods!!!

It all began as my garden grew....

....And grew....

Green Beans

....And grew!

Dry bean pod ready to pick and harvest
Beans growing up a Sunflower in Companion Gardening

 And then we began our harvest.

Cracking open a bean pod

White, pink, black beans, oh my!

Shelled beans being stored in a reused Juice container

And beautiful as the beans are.....

So, too, are their pods!

 And now, whenever you order a Handcrafted Blessing jewelry item, it is complete with the Faery Realm magic of my homegrown garden pods.

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Which are the very beautiful addition to my Handcrafted Blessings jewelry which enables your favorite treasures to arrive from digital experience to personal exuberance, safely packed and beautifully presented, in the palm of your hand ♥

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