Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Janome of my Own

This little bag (fully reversible!) was made on my new sewing machine.
My first creation, reversible handbag

High quality thread
I began sewing when I was in Jr. High. It was that awkward age when nothing seems to fit well, and kids are the most critical about it too. So I began amending the nice clothing (to my Mother's chagrin) I acquired on 'back to school' sales at JC Penny with my Mother's 1970s pea green machine. I have been struggling, enticing, bribing, praying and crying with that machine ever since. Turns out, I have sewing skills, and now the necessary machine to prove it!

Janome Magnolia Model Sewing Machine
Now, perhaps you know nothing about brand new sewing machines, what to get, how much they cost, but I was vaguely disappointed and entirely discouraged when I discovered the logistics. When I asked my sew happy friends what machine to get, the unanimous response was a Janome. The only sewing machine supply store is 20 miles out of town, so I called ahead and checked out a video of their least expensive model online. I was made aware that my current budget had to be a joke. However, lucky me with a birthday coming and a skill set to hopefully make back the price, it happened despite financial thresholds and I've never had this much fun with textile fuzz flying around my brain and out my nose.

Finished product with original tags
Womanly Roots pads Moon pads
My first plan of action was to use some of the awesome retro fabrics lying around in my Grandmother's unfinished dress collection (her sewing machine was one step beyond my Mother's in that it smoked when I tried to use it).
hand cut patterns

I create all my own patterns with a large roll of newsprint I acquired with some determination at the local paper when I was thirteen years old. For sentimentality I use the box of needles left by my grandmother.
The inner four layers of the moon pad are cotton flannel and thin corduroy for extra absorbancy. 

A variety of stitching embellishments

My darling new machine comes with a variety of lovely stitches that both strengthen and embellish the pad with pretty patterns in contrasting colors.

These pads are made with the intention to last a long time so that you get your moneys worth and help the environment too. No more messy trash and landfill contributions.

With Wings!

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